• Keep lashes dry in the first 24 hours after application in order for the adhesive to cure properly, so take an umbrella, if it looks likely to rain and have a quick shower before the appointment. After 24 hours you are free to get them wet, and it is recommended to keep lashes hygienic and clean of dead skin, oils and bacteria by washing daily with a foaming eyelash cleanser.

  • It is recommended for lasting retention of your eyelash extensions that you do not wear mascara or liquid and creamy pencil eyeliners. Avoid waterproof mascara completely (use water-based if absolutely necessary on classic lashes only) as this will dissolve the lash bonds and damage natural lashes when cleaning off. If eyeliner is necessary, we recommend only specially formulated eyelash-extension safe liners or powder type liners that easily wash off with water.

    If you are a heavy eye-makeup wearer, eyelash extensions are not recommended and infills may not be possible (removal and new set required).

  • Avoid hot water, or steam, like sauna, steam baths, or hot water on the face for 48 hours. After that, the odd steam should be fine, but repeated/prolonged exposure to high heat and steam will weaken the lash bond and cause extensions to fall off early (poor retention) or lose their curl.

  • If at any point after application of the eyelash extensions, you experience itching, pain, swelling or discomfort, please call me for advice and do not attempt to remove them yourself.

  • If using eye-makeup on your lids, choose the oil-free type and gently remove with an eyelash extension-safe makeup remover or eyelash shampoo. Powder and mineral makeup is advised over gel, creamy, or oily-based makeup.

  • For hygiene and longer retention, it is recommended to wash your lashes daily with Lash shampoo which you can purchase or make at home using one part baby shampoo, four parts distilled water and 1/3 teaspoon of baking soda shaken in a foam, pump bottle.
    Alternatively, ophthalmologist-formulated antibacterial eyelash shampoo is available for purchase in the salon, or from specialist stores online.

  • Regularly brush through your lashes gently with a mascara wand daily/after showering and cleaning lashes to keep them separated and tidy.

  • Be gentle - avoid pulling, rubbing, or fiddling with your lash extensions, as they will fall out before they need to and you run the risk of prematurely pulling out your own lashes with the extensions. They will grow back, but fiddling will lead to sparse lashes (not a good look!).

  • If you can, avoid sleeping on your face, or with your lashes pressed into the pillow, as they will last longer!

  • Do not perm your lashes or use eyelash curlers.

  • Take extra care with face oils and creams (oil is the arch-enemy of the eyelash bonding glue). Make sure you use these carefully and sparingly around the eye area, avoiding the lids and lashes completely. Use lash shampoo daily to remove oils from the skin and skincare products.

  • It is a good idea to wear a sweat-band when you exercise, so that the sweat does not mix with the oils from your skin and travel down towards your eyes, affecting the adhesive bond.

  • In the hot weather, avoid suntan cream sprays on the extensions, as droplets can end up on your eyes. Always apply sun tan creams very sparingly above the eye area, as the cream can mix with sweat and slide downwards to weaken your extensions.